Babs Carryer

Director, Big Idea Center

Babs Carryer is the director of the Big Idea Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute. Her role encompasses programs to encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship across campus for all students from freshmen to post-docs and from all disciplines. She teaches the Benchtop to Bedside and idea2Impact technology commercialization courses as well as some undergrad entrepreneurship courses at Pitt. Babs co-founded LaunchCyte, an early venture firm with a portfolio of five companies that have commercialized university technologies. Babs holds a Masters in Public Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from Mills College. She is a published author of a startup murder mystery novel, “HD66: Search for a Cure or a Killer?” and a short textbook on entrepreneurship, “Startup Briefs, the ultimate no-holds-barred guide to startastartup.”


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