Blast Furnace

May through July (tentative timeline for Summer 2021)

The Blast Furnace is Pitt’s student accelerator providing access to a deep mentor network, inspirational co-working space, and a rich curriculum preparing student startups for creating and growing their businesses.

The Blast Furnace was created by the Innovation Institute’s Big Idea Center to work with Pitt students at all levels who have a desire to be entrepreneurial, create new companies and receive hands-on learning on how to accomplish these dreams. Students can apply to Blast Furnace if they have completed a Big Idea Center program or other learning opportunity. Students must apply with a vetted idea and a team.

The Blast Furnace runs every May and June for a nine-week intensive period of stakeholder discovery, coaching, product-market fit, and operational planning.

Our goal is simple: we want to increase your chance of entrepreneurial success. We want you better prepared. We help you decide if your idea can be successful upon graduation.

For information on how to apply, please email